About Us

A little Bit about Easybelts

EasyBelts.co.uk was started 1999 due to the problems I had finding a belt that my son could manage. He was all legs and little waist, nothing fitted him I was driven mad just finding school trousers never mind a belt he could manage…
The idea to secure the belt with Velcro made sense, so I designed a children’s belt that comes in a range of colours, adjustable and elasticated to fit and allows for growth.
Easybelts the belts for children started as my first adventure, I then realised that young people and adults with limited hand coordination also have the same problem managing the common belt mechanism; however, disability clothing had nothing that covered this problem. By using Velcro to secure the belt the problem becomes more manageable and enables further independence and choice in clothing.

I took a break from making my Easybelts for a few years and then once my children had grown up, I decided to restart my little company, I hope children and parents find my belts useful because I love making them and will continue to look for ways I can help.

Children Range

Easybelts, the belt for little hands, our belt has been designed to enable children of all ages to manage their own belt. To be able to say “I did it myself. As our children grow, they need their independence and with the Easybelts as their first belt the task of dressing themselves is now a little bit more manageable and a lot more enjoyable.

We know children do not conform to a regular size, even with trousers that have an adjustable waist, anyone that has tried them will know all that happens is the waist gathers which can be uncomfortable for the child and they still do not always fit.

All parents want their child to feel happy and confidant whether it is out play with friends or starting school, with our touch fastening belt children now have the freedom to manage their own belt and for the parent it is one less problem.

Children are individuals and do not conform to a standard size, with that in mind the Easybelts is adjustable in size to fit for comfort and allow for growth.

Easybelts come in a range of colours and designs; we also offer a choice of D-Ring regular and large for those with limited hand coordination. For more information on getting the correct size belt and D-Ring

Adults Range

Many young people and adults with limited hand coordination may also have a problem managing the common belt mechanism

This can reduce their choice of clothing but with our Easy to Fasten Belts the person now has a wider range of clothing and the ability to manage their belt independently

By using the Easy Velco  fastening to secure the belt the problem becomes more manageable and enables more independence. Easybelts is ideal for those that have difficulty in managing the common belt buckle due to Arthritis, Dementia, Parkinson’s, Stroke-related disabilities, Multiple Sclerosis, Visual impairments, Physical disabilities, cognitive impairment, Limited hand coordination, learning disabilities and many other disabilities.

I make all our belts here in the Uk and  always happy to help, just get in touch at info@easybelts.co.uk