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Easybelts- School Belts


Easybelts – Easy to fasten Belt made for little hands.

Easybelt is the perfect first school belt for children, helping to ensure independence when they need it most. We are happy to help in any way we can,  please get in touch



Easybelts  Children Belts


Ideal first belt,  Easybelts unlike other children’s belts are easy to adjust in size, allowing for growth and comfort.

Children can at times struggle with the common belt buckle but with our Easybelts the task of dressing is a lot more manageable and a little more enjoyable, opening up a larger range of clothing.

Easybelts Adults Range

Adult Easybelts –The easy to fasten belt for everyone, at times we may struggle with the common belt buckle but with our Easy to fasten belt we hope to assist with independent dressing for everyone. 

With Easybelt you have a choice in D-Ring size , We offer the standard size D-ring  and a larger size D-Ring for those that struggle with limited hand coordination. Please select the size you require when ordering

Welcome to Easybelts

Easybelts is the easy to fasten belts for all ages, from toddlers to adults we have a belt for all ages ,  School belts, Causal to Smart Belts, we have a great choice to choose from.

If you cannot find a belt to suit you then please get in touch . We make all our Belts here in Cheshire and we are always happy to help with any custom size belts.

Easy to Shop

I hope you will find the product you need but any problems please get in touch.


Best Brand

I dont carry other brands, just our own easybelts which are made on site in cheshire, any custom needs we are always happy to discuss.

Doing what we can to reduce our Foot Print

I make our belts here in Cheshire, buying from UK suppliers, while keeping our packaging simple. I believe we must do all what we can to reduce our foot print.